Quick and Tasty: Mince-Pie Rolls

P1010426P1010428 P1010429P1010431A friend of mine was calling the other day. I planned to bake: perhaps scones… but our hens have gone on strike and we are getting hardly any eggs; and I really didn’t have time to make pastry, and then fiddly mince pies…

I remembered my friend Ness making “mince-pie rolls” last Christmas: I had a roll of (ready-made) puff pastry in the fridge, a large vat of mincemeat I made a few weeks ago , and so made a super-quick mince pie variation (it is important with “the season” almost upon us that we have these quick and easy tasty bites in our arsenal) (even just for us, for those evenings when a cup of tea beside the fire is missing a certain something)

I unrolled the pastry (which cracked and had to be pieced together- I reckon someone must have sat on it on the way home from the shop) then spread the mincemeat thinly on top.

I carefully rolled it up, wetting the edges of any cracking pastry to hold it together, then cut it into thin rounds (approximately 1cm)

I lay them flat on a piece of baking paper (mine were actually too close together, when baked they merged into one (deliciously gooey!) sheet of mince pie rolls)

Baked at 180′C for about ten minutes.

I cut them up, and ate, of course, with the obligatory, dollop of cream.

They took, in total, about fifteen minutes, and were simply delicious!

9 thoughts on “Quick and Tasty: Mince-Pie Rolls

  1. Ooh!! Definitely going to try this and your mincemeat recipe, I always thought it would be a lot more complicated! I hate mince pies but Paul and kids love them, and they deserve proper homemade ones this year but I think even I might like this recipe! ;)

  2. Mary, it is so utterly simple!! The hardest part is grating the butter, and really, that’s not hard at all :-)

  3. As a Brit living in the USA, I really miss mince pies this time of year. I found some proper mincemeat at the grocery store but wasn’t sure how to turn it into pies as I don’t have the right baking equipment. Christine from Awfully Chipper gave me the link to this recipe and I was so excited. Made them today for a cookie exchange and they were a big hit. I’ll be making them again. Thanks for helping an ex-pat get her mince pie fix.

  4. I’m really delighted Vicki! Best part is that they are so quick to make… Ten or fifteen minutes from need to eat :-)

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