Meet Little Bea and Birdie!

P1010436 P1010434 P1010439 P1010440 P1010441 P1010446 P1010433Tonight, I uploaded, for the first time, a 12″ Waldorf doll to Etsy. I am not sure why I was so nervous… but I was. I have been making Waldorf dolls for about five years now, almost every one has had a name on it before they were even finished, so getting this one actually up for sale was a huge accomplishment! (Grace has told everyone that she is asking for this exact doll for Christmas. This one. Not one I promised to make in the future. Or at some stage. Typical. Meanwhile James just pointed solemnly at Little Bea and said his favourite word: “Mine”)

Little Bea is made from Swiss Jersey cotton. It is truly fantastic material, noticeably less dirt-attracting, heavier, yet softer. I bought mine from these lovely Swiss ladies on Etsy: Berty and Masha. Swiss Jersey is certified at all production stages, including the organic yarn and eco dyes; it is 100% cotton, tear resistant, and really does repel dirt from any  grubby fingers (in comparison with the jersey dollskin I had been using) Her face is embroidered with cotton floss, cheeks are coloured with beeswax crayon, her hair a crocheted mohair wig. Little Bea is filled with soft, new sheeps wool. The loveliest thing, I feel, about a Waldorf doll, is that the wool soaks up the scent of the person holding it, so the doll soon becomes familiar to the child who owns it; and the wool is so warm and snuggly!

Little Bea comes with a very nice wardrobe of clothes: I made her crocheted red Mary Jane shoes, and my friend Susan made her dresses, cardi, bag and undies, as well as a comfy sleeping bag! She has one dress made from upcycled material (on Susan’s trusty old manual Singer sewing machine) and Susan knit another beautiful dress, cardi and bag in 100% cotton too!

Little Bea comes with her friend, Birdie, a little needlefelted bird to whom she tells all her stories to when cuddled up in her sleeping bag 🙂

Little Bea and Birdie are listed here on Etsy. And I have another 12″ doll made! (making the wig, they take ages. Or maybe thats just me) and I’ve a few heads made for smaller ones too (I also have several commissions to do. Mostly un-paying customers: my children)