A Week Away

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We have just come back from a week in my parents house… they went to visit my sister in Germany, we moved in 🙂

It was such a wonderful week, but it went in a flash; I didn’t get to do all those things that I had hoped to do, didn’t visit all the people I thought I would… in truth, I probably would have needed a month to do and see everyone and thing I had planned in my head…

We spent lots of time outside, the small ones exploring my parents beautiful garden; Fluffy, the cat trying to send me over the edge into crazy-land (everytime I left the house, she would launch at my leg, or lie down under my feet to trip me up. My language was shocking, but she continued to laugh at me)

I found some fantastic finds… bird skeletons, old pieces of pottery, interesting leaves, snail shells and feathers… Inspiring!

We ate royally. And ate. And ate. Lunches, dinners, parties. My boys ate their bodyweight in Chinese food. Meals will be very boring this week!

Lots and lots of drawing was done; I bought these beautiful wax crayons from here, and brought a large bag of drawings, love letters and about a million tractor and fire engine pictures home…

In between the talking and eating, I crocheted. Nearly finished this blanket: Yay! I’ll hopefully be able to show you pictures very soon (when I have finished cleaning my own house…)