Germany: The Food Diaries

On Wednesday, we arrived home after a nine day holiday to visit my sister, her husband and my nephew in Germany.


(One of the town squares that Olivia lives on)

It was just wonderful; we had a relaxing, fun and fascinating trip, ate way too much, saw so much. Olivia lives in a town near Nuremberg in central Germany. We left a warm sunny Ireland, arriving in a warm but damp Germany. While we were there, parts of Germany experienced some of the worst flooding since the 16th century!! Since Olivia has had her more-than-fair-share of weather-induced-travelling-disasters, I can only assume responsibility and put it down to being some oddity in our family. It suited us perfectly though, we were very much at home in the drizzle (content in our t-shirts while all around us wore winter coats and raingear) and only one day was so awful that we had to give up any hopes of leaving the house, put on our P.j.s (well, I did. Everyone else stayed fully clothed) and ate, talked, drank POTS of tea while the children watched movies and Olivia crocheted (and I watched her feeling a teeny bit of lazy-guilt) (and played Plants V Zombies. Very addictive. Very) Kind of blissful really.

cupcakes donuts2

(I have pilfered this photo from Olivia’s blog. These are the lovely crochet donuts and cupcakes she was making while I played mindless computer games. Patterns on her blog! Please note: her house always looks like this, and she uses this good china on a daily basis)  ( 😉 )

I have decided to decant this blogpost into a few parts because it is becoming incredibly epic (the size of War and Peace epic), so this first one will concentrate on the food: (big smiley face!!)


In the mornings we had fresh bread from the bakery: croissants (they are called something else in Germany; actually strictly not the same thing at all), pain-au-chocolat, pretzels, baguette, a German rye bread, and usually a selection of very fatty, very delicious fancy breads. YUM.


On the warm, dry days (we had a few of those too!) we sat on the balcony and ate while the little ones played “farm” beside us. Then we went to the ice cream shop for icecreams (we actually did this every day too, rain or shine. We are very exciting like that)


When we askd the boys before we left for Germany, what was on their to-do list, they all had just one request: a visit to the Gummi Bear shop. And so they did. Several times. I would safely say that perhaps last week was a pivotal week in the shops annual earnings… (They were so creative: jelly pizzas, cakes: these are all jellies below!)


We had snitzels and GIANT pizza, and one night I ordered fish which arrived out smiling at me with a full set of teeth and a beady eye!! Now that I am home I have ben on a diet of salad and vegetables to try counteract all the indulgences over the holidays!! Ah, so worth it though…