Germany: Playgrounds, Parks & Zoo

(Part deux of our holiday in Germany)

Olivia and her family live right in the centre of this beautiful town, and we were spoiled for choice with the fantastic parks and playgrounds. I think we managed to visit the playgrounds at least once every day bar one.


Everywhere was spotless and the little (and big) ones had most fun making sand castles empires (which we managed to keep James The Bulldozer from jumping on) We saw squirrels! And hundreds of cheeky pidgeons.

The Botanic Gardens are two minutes from their house, oh it was just beautiful: the peony roses were in full bloom, what a fantastic amenity to be on your doorstep!


The second last day, we went to Nuremberg Zoo, which was very beautiful, very leafy. They had dolphins and a huge underwater viewing area, so Grace was delighted, going through a dolphin obsession at the moment! There were tactile bronze sculptures of animals throughout the zoo, and the most brilliant playground. It was half the price of admission to Dublin Zoo, so really a brilliant day out that wasn’t costly at all.