Easter Sunday + Cake

As much as I try, my plans to post *regularly* are being twarted by…., well, life 🙂

I’m in the (probably familiar) quandry most creative mothers find themselves in: that teeny window of opportunity can be filled with creating or blogging or blog-hopping (a chronic obsession I must admit… where did those hours go?! Pinterest has similar glue-like properties…)

And to be honest, when it comes to the crunch, I’d prefer to be creating. (I haven’t even added sick babies into the equation at all: our smallest has been so unwell for the past few days, but thankfully is improving dramatically, and sitting with his toys for a few minutes, hence this post)

So bear with me as I pop in now and then for the next while!

(good to know, though, that Easter Cake still takes priority in these times 😉 )

(cake is: Ultimate Cocolate Cake for top and bottom layer, with a layer of Fairycake in between. Ganache/icing is made with white chocolate, cream and a small amount of yellow coloring paste to get it a bit more yolk-y in colour)