Fairycakes For Helena

Well it’s a feast or a famine around here with blogposts!!

 This is for Helena, who was looking for the bun/fairycake recipe- and for scientific purposes (as always) I decided to rustle up a batch of buns to check the recipe, as it were… 

175g self raising flour, 175g sugar, 125g butter, 2 eggs and a dash of milk.

Whizz together, these make 24 large buns (a.k.a fairycakes) (or 12 frugal ones for the children (cough) adults and 16 large ones, like here, on the right:)

 I make half with 1 large tablespoon of Green & Blacks Cocoa Powder to make them extra- chocolatey-delicious.


Let me just check that they do, indeed, taste good… hold on… 

 Ah, yes. Perfect. Hope you enjoy Helena!