Well, here I am just about to make a complete liar out of myself after proclaiming no time in my last post…

(we spend an inordinate amount of time wandering around the garden with Cutie Pie in the sling)

Baby is in his Daddys arms,

(it really is very difficult to put a baby down when he wraps his very pudgy legs around you and holds onto your t-shirt with the most edible little hand. I think he has learned the secret of being held all the time: intolerable cuteness, a few baby sighs and smiles and a mohawk of wispy hair to tickle your nose);

there is no-one coughing, complaining of feeling sick/headache/snotty/tired/sore toe… (have I just jinxed myself?!) and so I have a few minutes before I finish a journal I was asked to make (rather than do my usual, leave it until the 11th hour, and then have near heart failure as I try to put it all together)

I was to post this weeks ago: Erin from Talking of the Tadpoles and I had had a bit of a gift-exchange and I completely forgot that she was sending me something until this parcel arrived in the post.

Yummy, delicious, gorgeous soaps! This is something I want to try make this year, although with smallies around I might wait a while yet…

This weekend,Ā Henk (a.ka.a the Cabinetmaker) made me an island unit for my kitchen

(I feel I should have that in block capitals, surrounded by exclamation marks, but I’ll try stay calm)

(detail of the wood grain along one side. A veritable painting)

I love it. Love it, love it, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!

(from this to this)

Oh, my goodness: it has, in three days, become the central point of our family. It is a completely personable piece of furniture- at any one time during the day there is someone lying against or on it, rubbing the silky wood and sniffing the linseed oil smell; that is when many of us aren’t making rhubarb tarts and cookies all at the same time (without a lot of elbowing and complaining) or drinking tea or drawing…! (Did I mention I loved it?)

Today, with far more help than I wanted (frankly, I wanted no help. At All. But it didn’t quite pan out like that) I we painted the base unit- one undercoat and 3 layers of Farrow and Ball “Blue-Green” paint.

Tomorrow I will post a picture as it is still drying in the (newly painted paint splattered šŸ™‚ ) porch.

But trust me, it is simply F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S

(shrieks of delight and whooping resonate around this little blog)