Craft♥Advent, Day 7: Mincemeat Fairycakes

I posted a link yesterday for the cupcake/fairycake recipe- this recipe is endlessly useful, and usually when I make a batch I make enough to bake something extra too. Today I’m making Mincemeat Fairycakes, tomorrow I’ll post a great recipe for Raspberry & Chocolate Cake.

Whilst you should probably have your mincemeat made by now, the recipe is here should you want to start now… (incredibly delicious even if it doesn’t get to ‘sit’ for a few weeks), otherwise buy a jar (homemade at a food market would probably be tastiest!)

The How-To:

Make the fairycake/ cupcake/ bun recipe found here.

Into each cupcake case, spoon some mixture, then a spoon of mince meat, and cover it with more mixture. Bake as for the fairycakes/ cupcakes/ buns at a high heat.

The mincemeat tends to sink, so for presentation purposes, unmould the fairycakes, keeping them upside down, so the sinking mincemeat looks like it is the actual plan 🙂

Dust liberally with icing sugar; delicious with cream, ice-cream or brandy butter!