Craft♥Advent, Day 6: Cupcake Toppers

Someone said to me today that they don’t know how I manage to ‘do it all’.

Well. I don’t.

I am here sitting at the computer, nursing the baby, typing with one hand, fending off someone who wants to see a ‘fay-wee’ in a ‘caw-stle’ and being serenading by another singing ‘Guy on a  Buffalo’ (don’t ask) (Thank you Bla).

The house is untidy beyond belief, piles of piles everywhere. And if I had a team of cleaners it would take a month to get things to a reasonably acceptable state. But we can collectively close our eyes to such things, as we are in our advent-crafting-and-eating-phase. And it is the latter (the eating bit) that I want to talk about today.

I have posted my cupcake/fairycake recipe a couple of times before. It is such a great all-rounder of a recipe, and endlessly variable. Today I want to show you some really cute cupcake toppers which are super one atop each cupcake, or you could make a ‘forest’ of them for a cake (I’ll be making one on Day 8  )

Christmas Tree- Shaped Toppers

(you could use any shape: snowman, angel, star, heart…)

Fold over a sheet of green paper and cut out a Christmas tree shape (you now have 2 identical shapes) Cut out as many as you need. (If you would like me to make a PDF with the shape, let me know and I’ll add one on later)

Using a tacky glue (I used Pritt Stick), glue one shape on one side, then stick a cocktail stick down the centre. Cover with the other identical shape and press down to hold the cocktail stick in place.

Once dry (a couple of minutes with Pritt Stick) and you can stick one into the centre of your  little cakes: (I cut out a star shape and lay it on the cake, dusting around it with icing (confectioners) sugar first)

If you use some lovely cupcake cases (these are Greengate- just gorgeous patterns and colours) you can elevate these humble cup/fairycakes even further…

Looks a bit like the Alps from here 😀