Craft♥Advent, Day 5: Rosette Gift Tags

Even the simplest present is made a little bit spectacular with a fantastic tag!

These are so simple to make, and use up all those tiny scraps of paper you have been stashing away for a project like this (you do have a stash of tiny scraps, don’t you?)

In any case, printed paper (old books work so well and tear beautifully!), old maps, even pretty fabric with a small pattern are what you need here.

Cut or tear three circles, each one bigger than the next (don’t be too particular- slightly wonky shapes look best) I usually lightly glue them with a dab from a glue stick especially if the fabric is very light and liable to float away with any breeze.

Lying one or two buttons on top, thread a needle with some string (I used linen string, you could also use embroidery floss) and sew from the front through the buttons to the back and out to the front again, leaving enough string to tie into a bow.

On a tag (I made these easily by coffee-dying a few sheets of card, cutting into rectangular shapes, then punching a hole in the centre of one end; you could also buy them 🙂 ) glue the rosette on centrally. I scribed the word “Love” in a nice script along the bottom. You could print out whatever sentiment you want and stick it on either.

And there you have it! Be warned though, these could become seriously addictive…!