Jumping right back in…

One blog overhaul later, and it’s inspired me to jump back in and post here… and, no, I’m not even going to try play catch-up πŸ™‚

We are here in this house four years now and in the autumn of 2019, started to build on the extension we had planned to build before we moved in.

At last, it’s (almost) finished, but most importantly, we are IN and loving every bright and beautiful second of this gorgeous room.

Upstairs there’s a loft running the length of the kitchen/dining/living room area below, which has given us much-needed storage space and a huge play area for the kids.

We had only moved into the extension a couple of weeks just at the beginning of the Covid Quarantine, when our smallest had a birthday. I was going to buy a beautiful doll, but decided to make one instead (she has form when it comes to instantly disliking dolls because she doesn’t like their expression or how it feels).

*Thrilled* with the doll, (enormous relief πŸ˜€ ) she immediately changed her into the outfit @wooly.heart sent her for her birthday and then opened her other presents. I think we went a bit overboard as usual… but oh well, you are only six once.

Here’s the doll wearing the (accidental) 1970’s inspired velour jumpsuit with custom stitching. Which was immediately stripped off and hasn’t been seen since.
Well, I never did say I was any good at doll clothes…