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The 2020 Book of Days is HERE :)

Book of Days 2020

This year, thanks to an unfortunate car accident in September, my Book of Days plans went to pot. Coupled with the fact that my sister, Blaithin, who does all my pre-production-technical-graphic-computery-stuff (Note my lingo! I’m such a techno-geek, truly) is off on maternity leave any day now, my modus operandi had to be adjusted to accommodate such happenings (I haven’t mentioned the fact we are building on to our house and another thousand highly disruptive things going on here too, like six children, two in college and very busy social lives. My children’s social lives, that is. Oh and the laundry. Weep. Let us not forget the laundry).

Book of Days 2020

So, where I am at; and more importantly, where the Book of Days is at: well, it’s sitting on my table waiting to be wrapped and posted off! This year, I bypassed the pre-order palaver and just printed up a number of books. This means they are ready to go now (I’ll be posting next week), but it also means there are *limited quantities*. To pilfer a well-known homeware store’s tagline: “Once they are gone, they’re gone”.

BOD 2020 inside cover

And one last change this year: the price. I’ve agonised over this for years. It is indeed, a labour of love, but it ends up being quite an expensive one 🙂 So, this year I am raising the price: from e20 to e25.

FOR BULK ORDERS: Every year, I get several orders of three or more (thank you); if that is you, the price for 3+ books is e20 per book. The inner workings of PayPal buttons may yet confound me again, so if you are charged e25 per book on buying 3+, I will refund you immediately.

Book of Days 2020

Postage remains the same at e8 for however many books you wish to buy.

If you would like one in your delightful little hands before the end of November, the PayPal BUY button is below.

**********SOLD OUT THANK YOU!***************