Felted Soaps

Do you remember we made felted soaps ten years ago? (yes, ten years! Tutorial HERE). I thought it was timely to do this again, what with all the hand-washing happening around here, and especially with the three smallest who have never had the pleasure of making simple and satisfying felted soaps.

This is a brilliant way to keep your soap together and not have gukky bits all over the sinks (or is that just our house?!) Wool is antibacterial too, and when the soap is all used up, we’ll be able to cut a slit at one end of the fleece and have a tightly felted pouch: no waste, beautiful to use, beautiful to look at and infinitely useful. Everything I love 😍

We wrapped soaps in wool fibre, then put them (gently!) into a piece of a pair of tights and knotted the end.

Then washed in hot water, rubbing and rubbing the bar, shocking every now and then in cold water (wool fleece becomes felt when it’s rubbed with soap in hot water, then cold, and repeat!) We washed for about ten minutes, chatting about memories of buying this house and the smells soap evoke and watched the birds out the window ☺️ I’m not quite sure why it took me ten years to do this again…