Moving House: Home at last

We are here, we have moved. Eventually, at last, after months of: “two steps forward, one step back” or, as it often was in our case: “two steps forward, ten steps back”; we are living here in this peaceful, beautiful part of the Irish countryside. Still midlands, but a bit more east 🙂


(Undaunted by a total lack of art materials apart from about 40 million pipe-cleaners, my children have made every kind of animal, Angel, jewellery and abstract art pieces imaginable. And presented to me with promises extracted that I will treasure them forever and wear all the jewellery and extensive crowns every time I go shopping. I will, I swear.)

Last Thursday, my extended family donned old clothes and gloves and joined us as we cleaned, painted, chopped overhanging trees and ate sandwiches and rice krispie buns, washed down with inadequate quantities of tea. It was all very exciting!

On Friday, we packed up our belongings from my parent’s house where we have enjoyed an extended “holiday”, and moved in. 

It was hideously stressful. We spent the first night and day trying to not savage each other: moving feels like someone has picked you up, shaken you violently, and drops you, leaving you frantically trying to find your balance.


By Sunday, we were regaining some civility. I made scones in the morning and it began to start feeling a little normal at last. 

Today, Monday: internet-less, Daddy-less, living in half the house while we renovate the rest, we are figuring out our rhythm again. Epic trampoline games have been jumped, large mounds of clay dug and reformed into cities and landscapes. Soup and bread has been made, long cuddles cuddled, and a start has been made to sort out the hundreds of boxes of random stuff. Hundreds, possibly thousands, actually.



So here I am sitting beside my little vintage solid-fuel Jubilee range typing this and nursing our smallest (who is toasting her toes on the warm oven door!!), contemplating starting dinner in the near future. 


There is so much to say about this moving lark: -I’ve half a post written about the outrage that is our banking system; -but much more fun and delightful are the posts that are floating around half-formed where I will bring you along as we take this forgotten house and (hopefully!!) turn it into a warm, lovely home on a tight (read: practically non-existent) budget. 

But for now, working with unstable phone-mobile-data-connection-internet (whatever it’s called), I just wanted to say hello, welcome you into our New Home, and look forward to sharing countless obligatory scone and home makeover photos over the coming year. Thanks for your support and warm kindness extended to us over the past few months, hope to be “here” a lot more from now on. 

A lot of love and thanks ~Emily