Judith (Art Doll)


jud7This is Judith. A long time in the making, has been worked through many incarnations… art doll www.theNest.ie 2She started as a cloth doll with embroidered and needle sculpted face. I added papier mache to her skirt, then hit a block until I was given a gift of this superb paperclay. I paper-clayed her (which gave a great surface to paint on) and then painted her in egg tempera- which accounts for her beautiful, waxy lustre. art doll www.theNest.ie 5art doll www.theNest.ie3art doll www.theNest.ie 4Her sleeves are cloth, dyed the same colour as the rest of her dress. Her hair is needle felted Alpaca wool from Hushabye Farm Alpacas.  I am really so pleased with how she turned out 🙂 judith2I’ve two more “in the works”, and many, many more in my head. Impossibly exciting and unlimited possibilities!