Still Sunday

feb 8Fergal was off on a course all weekend so this weekend was an odd extension of our week. Today was very foggy, the air weighty and still: and we spent a lot of time wandering around the garden and down the boreen. feb8 3Anna wants OUT all day every day, she likes to call the hens and cats, and has become fascinated by the sheep in the field next door, as they waddle around, lamb-heavy: she thinks their mournful “maaaaaaaa” is completely hilarious.feb8Grace and James decided to gather “beautiful things” in the garden. Grace and I have been collecting discarded snail shells with their perfect spirals and mottled colouring. feb 84I’ve started some backgrounds to paint, I want to start painting these shells into paintings along with the tissue-like Honesty pods and leaf-less branches that are standing starkly in the garden at the moment, waiting, waiting for a few more weeks to push out the green leaves and shoots swelling under their skin.