Our Week in Dinners (linky)

Last year, Sinead from Bumbles of Rice posted her “Week in Dinners”. Needless to say, fascination and nosiness had me reading avidly: I love knowing what other people are doing and especially eating!! This year, Sinead started a Linky, so lots of bloggers have been posting their Week in Dinners and my nosiness has been thoroughly satiated… My appetite, sadly, not.bumbles-of-rice-oneycomb

This week was unusual for us: I normally roast one or two chickens and use them over 2-3 days for lunches and dinners. I also usually make a slow-cooked stew one of the nights; I did neither this week. Several evenings it was late, and I found myself throwing together quick dinners.

Note: the photos are awful, all under artificial light of course, they did taste nicer than they looked!! Also, I have included lunch on some days because I cook lunch everyday too, and often the leftovers from dinner the night before become the lunch or vice-versa.

Saturday: I made Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall’s North African Stew (recipe soon, I promise) this is just utter comfort food: spicy, tasty, delicious (also veggie) and Michael and I made a giant vat of spaghetti bolognese (using Jamie Oliver’s recipe- a favourite in this house) I was hoping to get two meals out of this and also freeze several portions for a friend who was just out of hospital. So, for lunch and dinner I had the North African stew, and for dinner the rest of the family had Spag Bol with pasta.

week in dins3(North African Stew; Pasta Bake)

Sunday: (more stew for lunch!) Dinner was Baked potatoes with bolognese sauce. I had courgette “spaghetti” with bolognese. T’was delicious.

Monday: I once more had stew and the children had homemade burgers for lunch. We had fish pie for dinner (I do love fish pie)

Tuesday: the children had fried rice with bacon (they can’t eat enough of this); I had (cough) stew (I froze the rest you will be relieved to know)
Dinner was Speedy Spicy Sausage Pasta: an absolute favourite here, very quick, very tasty. I stir-fried up grated courgette, green beans, peas and garlic too (made extra to use for lunch the following day:)

week in dins 2(Roast parsnips, homemade coleslaw and beans; egg fried rice)

Wednesday: we had friends over for lunch, so I made a big quiche using the leftover veg, eggs, cheese and cream (quiche is such a great dish) and made herby potatoes: chopped up small potatoes into wedges, sprinkled with salt, garlic powder, seaweed flakes and lots of mixed herbs, then roasted in coconut oil until crispy. We had beans with that too (and fish fingers I think)

Dinner was quiche, avocado, beans, the remains of the spicy pasta and I made carbonara (affectionately called “slop” in our house by certain boys) Pick and mix, truly bizarre.

Thursday: kids had egg fried rice again (they can’t eat enough fried rice)… I’m sure I had the rest of the quiche; dinner was rushed and late as we had visitors: meatballs and chips (I’m not at all mad about chips unless they have been cooked in lard in an Italian chipper, so I had roasted parsnips, homemade coleslaw and onions: the photos looks charred and awful, but gosh, it was delicious)Week in dins 1

(Speedy spicy sausage pasta; roast spuds, stir fried spicy veg and chicken)

Friday: another late night, we had a very satisfying pasta bake which took less than half an hour from beginning to end.

Saturday: Thomas made roast potatoes, Grace made spicy stir fried vegetables (not that she would even try them. She loves preparing them and using every spice and condiment she can find to sprinkle on them. God knows what I could be eating…) I roasted some chicken thighs in a barbecue sauce in the oven with the spuds.

So that’s what we ate this week! If I have the wherewithal to remember to photograph or keep a log, I will continue on for this week too. In the meantime, do check out what everyone else is eating over on the Bumbles of Rice Linky here.

Isn’t reading what other people eat fascinating?!