Waffle and fantasy blogposts

Oh dear. I have five scribbled blogposts floating around. Well, not full blogposts or anything. More like, ideas, thoughts, possibilities that could, had I a few more hours sleep, an extra finger to type and less children, possibly fashion them into a coherent few sentences. Paragraphs, even.

But a week and a half of teething, coughing, snots and a heck of a lot less sleep has been problematic for these fantasy blogposts.jan 141(Sick babies need lots of reading to… and our smallest who, on recovering, took to mastering the art of climbing steps. Now her favourite place to perch!)

So… In order to try keep the cobwebs from settling (and because I have found, when I leave it too long, days become weeks and sometimes even months: hence I’m trying to check in at least once a week, if only to say hello!), this is what’s happening around here. It’s likely to be rather short due to my excuses written all above; and because I have one small baby on my knee doing her best to type this for me.

I chopped my hair off. As in, I chopped it off myself, using this super tutorial. It’s very layer-y which is great, because I am unfortunately suffering from a case of post-baby new-hair growth which has manifested itself in alarming tufts of hair growing straight up at my temples. I’m hoping that there are so many layers going on here, that the tufts will be genius-ly disguised as though they are meant to be so. Do I sound like the lady doth protest too much? (Yes, yes, I know …and after all that, Fergal doesn’t think it looks any different. Sniff) (And photos, you say? Ah, now, don’t be ridiculous. Besides, I look particularly insane in any of the selfies (an art, I tell you) that I tried to take of my handiwork)

I had great and numerous intentions and resolutions for the new year. Then babies got teeth and sick and didn’t sleep and so I’ve resolved to do as much as I can, when I can. And when I can’t, I won’t dement myself lamenting my lack of doing (even when I’m bursting a gut to do something -anything!- vaguely creative)jan 144I’ve been making another art-doll; this one has been a long time in the making, and there are body parts of many more littering the house. I received some “Creative Paperclay” as a present for Christmas, and it has been a revelation. I’ve tried many paperclays, this stuff is brilliant. Worthy of a blogpost (which will be forthcoming, I promise) (also photos: wee babe is now attached to boob and I can’t find the (obviously fantasy) photos I had taken)

Michael has been making little felt figures all over Christmas. They are fantastic, the detail is wonderful. He spends entire days sewing and cutting and drawing patterns (so Liam and Grace can make their own versions) Our days (pre-sick babies) were very art-productive for all of us. Bliss. Wooden blocks have made a return, and the floor is a constant obstacle course of towers, Colosseums, and the omnipotent baby-wrecker…jan 146

I made these journals as a limited print-run for my friends this Christmas. I am super-pleased with how they have turned out and have been really enjoying filling mine in. At the start of every month, which folds out as the monthly calendar, there is a page to write all your “inspiration, plans, hopes, dreams, intentions”  This year I want to be more proactive in writing down my intentions, gratitudes, dreams. It will be interesting to see what transpires over the year!

(These, let me add, were one of my “great ideas”: a gift that I could make several of, and because I was getting them printed, would be time efficient. I didn’t take into account how long it would take me to decorate each page individually (why do things by halves, says I) and how long it would take to collate, ring bind and fold pages in: this was a family effort, over many nights…)jan 143

We had snow! Real snow, the first this winter. Many snowmen were made. The hens didn’t know what to make of it. It was great!

So now, I will finish up: I think I will announce at the start of all my future blogposts that they are likely to be short… As evidenced here, my capacity to waffle an entire blogpost with armies of children, no extra fingers and meagre amounts of sleep, knows no bounds…