9 Months

Our baby is 9 months old. 9 months! Anna spent her 9 month birthday teething, which, in her case, equates to snots and cough; but this did not dampen her enthusiasm to march purposefully around the house (she particularly enjoys visiting people when they are using the toilet. Or shower. There is a particular glee in that smiley face when she pushes open the door and ta-dah! There is the mama or dada!)jan7c

The earliest of any of ours to attempt to walk; she has eschewed crawling in favour of holding someone’s hands and doing laps around the house, screeching in delight. Grace puts on songs at full blast, takes her hands and they dance around the room. She is a joy. A sweet, happy baby who knows how to make us laugh: oh, we are enjoying her so much!jan 7a

Early January and the weather has been swinging from freezing to mild to wet to mild again. I haven’t started to feel a stretch in the evening yet, but feel the light is stronger, and have taken some extraordinary-light photos (the colours are as I saw them, I used the Instagram filters to do what my camera wouldn’t! Aren’t the silhouette ones fantastic?) jan7b

I am working on more art dolls- another post- and I want to show you a journal I made- yet another post; I have a head of ideas and intentions for the year ahead. I hoped to take part in a few blog linkys… but have been rather lazy on the blogging front as you can see. I might light a fire under me yet and write those dreams and intentions down here. Maybe. But til then, I’m off to rid the house of the seventy-three-billion chocolate selection boxes that are begging to be eaten.