Craft Advent 16: That Curious Love of Green Easy Hot Chocolate Dream

Day 16: today Jane from That Curious Love of Green has popped by in her usual **fabulous** way 🙂 I have often spoke of Jane and how she completely inspires me (I’m sure she’s sick to the teeth of people telling her she’s inspiring) Her blog is one of my favourites, as is her Facebook page which is just… Well, inspiring, and a source of so much great stuff.

So, to the inspirational Jane, once more, I’m honoured and delighted to welcome another fantastic blogger into our Nest!

This is so easy and what’s more, makes me so popular, I don’t know why I don’t do it more often, but like Bailey’s and The Wizard of Oz, some things just become part of Christmas.ca16

For four people I used 100g of dark and 100g of milk chocolate, two large mugs of milk and a good squeeze of honey. No need to be too exact, this is a minimum effort, maximum pleasure experience. Break up the chocolate, place in a saucepan with the honey and milk and heat gently. Stir as you go.ca16jane

Ladle into cups, now the fun. For the children, add cream, chocolate flakes or best of all, golden shards of crunchie, who wouldn’t love that?

For the adults I recommend a splash of darkest rum, whipped cream and those crunchie shards if possible, yum!