Craft Advent 15: Grace’s Bunting

Liam recently started crocheting, making little crochet-amigurami acorn bags and mice. Grace wanted in on the action, but was too impatient, wanted to make things now, And getting frustrated because her efforts weren’t being rewarded with perfect crocheted toys! I showed her how to finger-crochet, so she has been going around with a ball of yarn in her pocket and finger-crocheting necklaces and bracelets for all her dolls and herself! Very cute 🙂

Finger-crochet (or finger-knitting) is very satisfying for a child who cannot yet master a hook and yarn and tension. I usually make the first stitch (a slip knot- picture tutorial below:)
CA153And she’s off!CA152Once she has the first stitch on her finger, she wraps another piece of yarn around her finger (on the finger-tip end), and pulls the first stitch over the second.

Once she had a length of chains crocheted, I helped her cast off: we cut the thread, leaving 6 inches of yarn. Into the last stitch, we pulled the length of yarn and tightened it. CA151Next Grace drew some shapes: star, moon, sun, circle on a sheet of paper, coloured them in and cut them out. I helped her string the shapes onto the length of chains with a needle and thread and her bunting was finished!

This is a great project for small children to see from beginning to end, without much help. And great for these days before Christmas when smallies need plenty of distraction!