Craft Advent 17: Cup and Saucer Candles

We love candles in our house. Any time anyone is sick, worried, sad, happy, a baby is on his/her way (or any event really!) we light a candle.

Tea lights in a beautiful holder works perfectly well for me, but we decided candles in tea cups would make for really lovely presents. I was given a bag of crafty delights a while ago (thank you Susan!) and in it was a bag of candle wax. We regularly make candles from beeswax sheets (more on that later in the week) but decided we would make some of the melted kind.

In a double boiler (old saucepan in larger saucepan of boiling water) we melted the wax pellets.P1130214

Into this we melted some red candle wax to give it a pinky colour (I have vivid memories of making candles as Christmas presents when we were small. My dad used to melt wax crayons into the melted mixture and we made some fantastic rainbow effects. I meant to buy wax crayons this week, and completely forgot; pink was all we had, so pink it had to be)P1130216

Into an assortment of little cups and saucers we affixed a piece of wick (note my professional looking wick-holders- I propped up the wick with these while the candles hardened, and they worked just fine)

These turned out just so cute… We used two dinky little cups and saucers that my friend Fiona had given me years ago (on the left), and two that I bought at auction as part of a teaset. We had a goblet, and used that too, which the boys thought was very cool altogether!

Once hardened, we had to light one (although I reckon we’ll have used two or three by the time Christmas comes!!)

I’m hoping to go into the charity shop this week and buy some odd cups and saucers which are always popping up there. This is another lovely, simple craft which is another perfect gift idea, and once you have the “ingredients” you could make up a whole host of presents for your loved ones at short notice!

(First published on this blog in December 2011)