Craft Advent 13: Christmas Bowl

On this Winter Saturday, the 13th day of Advent, I am so delighted to welcome Elizabeth from Hushabye Farm into our Nest! I met Elizabeth through the Irish Parenting Bloggers where we connected through our love of food and alpaca fleece!! Elizabeth lives with her family in Co. Offaly, where they farm alpacas. She documents this, family life and recipes as they live The Good Life on her entertaining and always interesting blog.

I was gifted a parcel of “raw” fleece from Hushabye farm last year, and made some dolls (but really, it’s just too “good” to be hidden within a doll) and more recently as the luscious hair on my art doll, Katherine. The fleece is simply and utterly gorgeous. This tutorial is fleece-free, but just as lovely, and the gathering would be a perfect excuse for a walk on one of these cold, clear days of December.

Now that our children are getting a little older and they all understand the concept of Christmas I’m keen to start some Christmas traditions.
So I’m introducing this very simple Christmas Bowl.IMG_2307We had great fun putting this together, and the best part was gathering some of the things needed. This meant a trip up the mountains to gather some moss and pine cones, children love a good foraging walk.

What you will need

2 small oranges sliced thinly across the centre.
Some pine cones
Some holly ( optional)
Some cloves
Cinnamon sticks
A bowl

Firstly you will need to dry out the orange slices.
To do this place the slices on a clean tea-towel and place another one on top. Press down on each slice to remove as much of the juice as possible without damaging the flesh.
Now place the slices on some parchment paper on a baking tray.IMG_2290Turn the oven on to it’s lowest setting ( about 110) and place the tray in the oven. Turn the slices every half an hour or so, use the timer if you forgetful like me!!
After about 2 hours they should be dry.

As soon as you take them out of the oven stud them with cloves.IMG_2291Now you are ready to assemble your bowl.
Place the moss along the bottom of the bowl, add your pine cones and place some holly around the edge.
Scatter your orange slices through out the bowl and add your cinnamon sticks.
If you place this near your front door you will get a lovely scent of Christmas as soon as you walk in.IMG_2371You can thread some pretty ribbon through the dried orange slices and hang on the tree for decoration too.

I can smell it already! Thank you Elizabeth 🙂