The post in which I admit to pilfering and have a money off voucher

Some time ago, Helen, from The Busy Mamas blog (if you haven’t visited yet, go! Go now!) (and then come back…!) moved from Blogger to WordPress (not for the faint hearted) and chose a most gorgeous theme for her blog.

I drooled. Spent my time over there reading and admiring (Just so that you are in the know, Helen is my virtual gin-drinking partner. When we are more ancient, and have divested of our familial ties, you will see us at music festivals, looking bewildered, in hand knitted cardigans with pockets filled with Bombay-something… Sapphire, I think. Or just Gordon’s. I doubt we will be fussy)

The Nest blogFast forward a few weeks. I have decided to change my blog theme, (only took me eleven months) and I find the perfect one. Perfect! It’s perfect! I’m skippetty-skipping with excitement. Everything I could want in a theme. I wax on about said theme until Fergal’s eyes, which glazed over long ago, begin to close. It’s all very exciting. So there I am, over there at the Busy Mamas, reading about camping (slightly terrified she will make me camp in a tent at aforementioned festivals. I’m trying to acclimatise to such a frightening thought, and Helen has written a comprehensive post on camping, the organised Girl Scout that she is) and suddenly the penny drops. I’ve just robbed Helens theme, without as much as a “May I?” In fact I robbed it, without even copping. Several grovelling messages later, and many fierce threats from The Girl Scout (I jest, I jest. My future gin-guzzling BFF blessed it), a new header image (at the top) incorporating my new logo, a new “shop” page, and some other fiddling around; and I’m ready to officially present the all-new “The Nest” So… What do you think?

IMG_20140808_200323And talking of shop… I have now uploaded most of my cards to my Etsy shop (five more are at the printers) So to celebrate all good things, friends, blogs, themes, cards, gin, I have a 10% off voucher for my Etsy shop, valid until September 1st 2014! Just enter the code Nest0814 at the checkout and it will automatically be deducted.

And remember, there is free shipping on all cards! Woo-hoo-hoo 😀