Blog Awards and Logos

I’ve been nominated!! See my lovely shiny blog button 🙂 blog awards ireland
Thank you to anyone who nominated me. I haven’t given this little blog much attention in the past while and I really didn’t expect to be nominated at all. It has galvanized myself into action to actually commit to blogging a bit more. I had been thinking about posting more regularly for a while, so this is a nice bit of synchronicity (also, I find I get more than a little lazy and days stretch to weeks in between blogposts. As I’m sure you have noticed!!) I’m hoping this isn’t going to be a nice burst of activity around here… And then quiet again!
The logo
Logos… A long time in the making… I’ve been thinking about a new logo for… Oh, about three years. I needed it for new business cards, tags, my Facebook page, blog, cards… Everything in fact. So one night, after a few false attempts, I sat down and drew it out, and ta-dah! Here it is, with my nifty business cards (I can also use them as tags), and the cutest stickers for the back of the clear sleeve they are packed in. All thanks to my sister, Blaithin who works in my family’s print business, I’m so pleased!! Natal Gazing Logo

And while I’m talking about logos, here is a logo design I recently painted for an online friend of mine, Amy, who is a Childbirth Educator. Her business is called Natal Gazing (isn’t that such a brilliant name?) You can find Amy here!