Paintings Into Cards

Remember I talked about making my paintings into cards? (“Endlessly”, I hear you say. Oh well, ’tis my blog and all that) Rather than make it easy on myself, I decided to do them in a series, with six to a set. Here are the ones that made it to print:
Black and white notecards-theNestThese first ones are a set of six, postcard size, single card notecards, super handy for quick messages.

blog end july w name

end july w name

end july blog w name

angels collage

The six angel cards are A5, and the others A6. All are printed on a gorgeous heavy card.

I sent the paintings to my wonderful family of printers ( and my sister Blaithin there put all the “elements” together: paintings on front, logo and other info on the back; scanning, resizing, adjusting colour… It takes a while and much discussion before everything is right. But I now have them, I’m thrilled skinny, and just waiting on envelopes and clear pockets to put them in (and adorning the pockets with my little sticker! If my daughter hasn’t borrowed any more. She has been warned… And given a quota of two)

Then I’ll be ready to put them into my Etsy shop, woo hoo! I also hope to have them stocked in “real” shops, but that’s a whole other story (and stress. And headache. And worry that they aren’t good enough. And fear that I’m kidding myself. And so on)

Stay tuned because I’ll be having a little giveaway soon 🙂