Another Year On

We are fourteen years married today, and I give thanks every day for the enormous gift that Fergal has been to me.

2014-08-05 16.46.08

So, before I am overcome with words of lurve, I’ll move swiftly on…


In anticipation of torrential rain, which descended in the afternoon, we took advantage of the warm, but slightly overcast day to visit an abbey in a nearby village of Kilconnell (we love a good old ruined abbey)


Beautiful stonework, carvings, doorways and windows, as well as imaginings and discussing what it was like fadó, fadó (Irish for “long ago”) made for a lively and interesting visit. James brought his swords to recreate a possible battle (any excuse)





Afterwards, we walked into the sleepy village of Kilconnell (I think it may not have changed much in the past fifty or sixty years, it feels like walking back in time) and had an icecream to celebrate the anniversary (yes, we are an exceptionally exciting family 🙂