Life Is Good

I’m feeling really blessed. Life is good (despite the lunar crazy that comes around the full moon) It’s peaceful and joyful (apart from the fairly-regular screaming/ hair pulling/ howling dramas that James and Grace indulge in: best friends one second and the next looks like a scene from “Gladiator”)

Our smallest baby is so easy, smiling, placid and content. She sleeps; as in, several hours together a night: I’ve had full nights sleep since she was born (unheard of!!) I regularly wonder is it because she’s the sixth, there are always arms to hold her and I’m so much more relaxed (I’m getting enough sleep!) or is it just her. Probably a bit of both.IMG_6549

So while I’m counting my blessings, I want to give thanks for the enormous kindness I’ve been shown since Anna was born. And I want to show you some of the handmade gifts of great kindness that have been given to me (us) (I’m sure I’ve forgotten some things, but while baby sleeps and no one is throttling each other, I’m photographing what’s closest to hand)

I love anything handmade: and I obviously attract great handmade-y friends as the photos below attest!!

The day I came home from the hospital, there was a table of loveliness laid out for me: flowers, cards, and this:Ruby Robin Boutique- Lichen necklace I have made no secret of how much I love Β Ruby Robin Boutique‘s work, and even more so because she uses bits of lichen and moss in her jewellery. I love it. This is filled with lichen in a copper terraium locket pendant. Even the packaging is drool-worthy. I had cried with utter relief from the moment I left the hospital, and this made me cry a little more. With delight, I hasten to add!! (I am married to the kindest person I know)

And then came more: cards handknitsthe most beautiful handknits (Bernadette, Tara, Susan and Nicola: *heart*); cards (my sister Eithne from Cardroom Delights made the card on the left and top right, Vanessa the one on the bottom right); the CUTEST pair of crocheted Converse thanks to the lovely Helen from The Busy Mamas and my blog-friend Joanna painted this painting for me. This was a photograph of the first time I had held Anna, and I treasure it. Thank you Joanna!knits painting

*I am surrounded by blessings*