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Join Us! Art Challenge on Facebook

COME JOIN US!!!! I joined a Daily Art challenge on Facebook for the month of June. I didn’t think I would last a week, and I had *many* good excuses to give up… But I didn’t. Some days it was bloody hard, but more often, it gave me the impetus and the energy to keep going. I surpassed all my expectations and continue to work daily.
But, I miss the connection, the challenge, the pushing myself daily… And so, I’m starting a new challenge. A Weekday Art challenge: Mon-Fri every week, starting next Monday, 21st of July. Post your work to my Facebook page; and for all the participants, I’m starting a page specifically for the challenge, so we can encourage, enjoy and connect with the work we produce and each other.

Why not join us?! A two minute sketch daily will improve your drawing skills no end; a little colour study will teach you so much: the emphasis is on DOING, doesn’t matter what, just that we DO daily. It will start as a small snowball and become an avalanche

Join the group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1432296300385789/