Christmas Is A-Comin

P1010651 P1010653 P1010663 P1010655 P1010657 P1010660 P1010661 P1010667P1010671P1010665Slowly but surely, the house is being decorated (I have put the house-painting on hold while I bedeck the place: I am not a fan of tinsel, but *love* fairy lights) Our second set of lights for the tree refused to work, so I bought two more sets of multicoloured berry lights for extra twinkle-yness. This year the tree is in the kitchen, so in the morning when I come down, I turn on all the lights and do a happy dance, even though they really only come into their own when the dark creeps in in late afternoon.

Christmas is hurtling towards us and our days are full:

…I think Grace has wrapped most of her belongings and put them under the tree…

…Candy canes: I bought them to be decorative, a sure sign of Christmas; but I think I will remember them as being my Christmas nemesis. There is a boy, who shall remain nameless, who likes to remove them from the tree, open, suck and then weld the little buggers onto any cherished surface…

…I am part of two Secret Santas this year; our Irish Parenting Bloggers group organised one: I had to open this first gift (at an appointed time, I swear) and was utterly thrilled to receive this beautiful box of handmade soaps and handknit facecloth- I am slowly working my way through the group list trying to figure out who the lovely sender is… (who refuses to reveal herself… but not for long, har har)

…This morning I also received a really beautiful scarf from a dear friend… I love scarves, and this one is just perfect, a wonderful addition to my scarf collection 🙂

…Inbetween wrapping parcels to send (late as ever) and finishing writing cards (as tardy as usual) I was making labels for the Raspberry Vinegar, Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Extract

…I was bullied by Pink Baby today, who, through the extraordinary powers of telepathy, spoke through Grace and said she needed me to make her a party dress using the beautiful fabric my sister Blaithin gifted me. When I didn’t comply immediately, Pink Baby sighed and was sad until I made amends and got on the job… Grace decided then that Rainbow Baby would have a sulk if she didn’t have one; so we made a pattern and Grace sewed one for Rainbow Baby (please do not underestimate the crazy that was going on as I made the pattern and organised needles and threads. This was not an idyllic moment of calm and crafting)

…I made this paper-cut village five? years ago. It has lasted almost perfectly, only needing minor taping up here and there until now. It should last a few more years. Hopefully, that is, as long as the small boy, who shall continue to remain nameless, stops sieging said village with Lego men and plastic soldiers… (they regularly climb trees and climb through the upper windows of the house) Arghhhh!

Note: I have not photographed our crib as My Little Ponies have taken over the stable at the minute along with a motley crew of soldiers, fairies and farm animals