All Kinds Of Everything

P1010642I’ve been writing this blogpost in my head for a week now… Taking photos as I went (because I have some crazy self-imposed rule that I beat myself with that I have to have “good” photos -more than one- for each blogpost) but nothing has been committed to paper/screen as I have been too busy painting and cleaning the house. So whilst there may not be anything on the Nest, there are certainly many things happening in The Nest: dolls are being made, crochet blankets hooked, many, many meals cooked (my children are eating more and more every day, the veritable savages); (parts of) the house are looking rather spiffy (if only for three minutes) thanks to frenzied painting of window panes and dressers and I’m happily toddling away, oblivious to piles of mess and windows that need washing and the ever increasing laundry mountain (I’ve selective eyesight)

20131205_120718 P1010630 P1010633It is with great relief we are into December, and over the general un-wellness that marred our November. After having a few weeks where, despite Grace’s best attempt to whine and whinge until I throttled her, I refrained (I’ll be forever shocked at my forebearance. If I had just abstained from demented roars and impatient snorting, I might possibly have been in the running for “Mother of The Year”) (Ho ho, Not!!)


James is still stomping around, yourd (sword), sorry, blue yourd in hand: he has made many attempts to slay that green imposter twinkling in the kitchen (the Christmas tree)

20131210_200109He and Grace have a fifty-fifty relationship, if they are not rolling around affectionately, they are practically strangling each other. James regularly starts off his affections with jumping on top of his intended (I am another victim of routine “love”) so needless to say, Grace doesn’t always respond with joy when he has her in a headlock. When all is calm on the sibling front, they have great games: the most recent was where he was “Baby Jesus” who was wrapped in a blanket in a “boat” (box). 20131210_195831Grace fed him crackers and apples, read to him and he snored on cue and happily lay there while she dragged his box-boat around the kitchen. It was hilarious to watch (and even more hilarious to hear him berate a doll who had taken up occupancy of his “boat” one morning!)20131207_21205820131208_002048

Grace has wrapped several presents for everyone (two full rolls of wrapping paper and counting thankyouverymuch) She is back in card-writing mode, so we are all getting elaborate cards throughout the day. We made Christmas cards together: thankfully, I had also recruited Fergal (who had stood on a nail and couldn’t walk, so he was fair and easy game) as the initial idea to paint a large sheet of watercolour paper (Grace), cut out wreath shapes (me) and stick them on a card, with cutout star shapes; grew legs, we deviated, and the wreath shapes became decorated with tiny leaves cut out by Fergal and I, then we punched shapes that we imagined to look like Poinsetta flowers and stuck them on.P1010629 P1010628 It took hours and hours. But the end result is just lovely. I’ve written most of them… just have to make it to the Post office now!!