First Days Of Advent


It has been a bit of hectic week here: little ones weren’t 100%, not sick enough to be sick, but not sleeping; with a dose of coughing and several doses of contrariness mixed in. It was trying. Very trying indeed. “Sweetness and Light” wouldn’t have been my title last week…

And yet in the midst of it, perhaps as a result of it all, I did so much. When I had energy, I had buckets of it. Perhaps though, on the other hand it could have been simply a mental escape: when there were little girls weeping because “their goldfish wasn’t golden enough” (I kid you not) I could retreat into my doll-making-crochet-hooking-la-la-la-la-la mode; when small boys were trashing on the floor howling because they couldn’t find a “yourd” (sword) for a one legged ancient soldier doll I could just “uh-huh! uh-huh!” while sewing frantically, tongue sticking out the side of my mouth, foot tapping manically.

But now, we are at the other side of it all. Yay! December has arrived, the Christmas decorations are slowly trickling out. On Sunday, I made this chocolate cake for the first day of Advent (my brother, sister in law and delicious nephew celebrated with us) I will post the recipe anon, it is rather fantastic 🙂


                          P1010612 P1010611 P1010606

I have been working on these commissioned crochet blankets and cuddle dolls: oh the relief and delight of finishing an order on time… I’m working on another blanket now, this time for our own Little One who will hopefully make an entry in to the world in the late spring… pictures soon!

20131127_131936                                                   20131127_165242 20131127_142446                

Grace and I spent the week stitching (when she wasn’t crying about goldfishes etc) She made her first little purse, and I made my first 4″ jointed doll. Tiny, and so cute. I thought I’d be far too ham-fisted to sew something so miniature, but it was such a joy. I have decided that I am going to hand sew from now on: there is a certain peace and satisfaction that I don’t get from fighting with my sewing machine, endlessly threading bobbins and trying to get the tension right…

                                                   20131128_141228 photo

I am also working on the drafting of an 8″ cuddle doll pattern (AT LAST, after several requests for it); last week I left it for a second while small ones were playing “Angry Birds”, and came back to find it had “shoes” coloured in on its drawn feet and Grace had been drafted in to draw a “Tac-tor” Argghhh! Nothing is sacred!!


Now that our small ones are now fine again, they have taken to washing windows in a BIG way, with the squirty bottle of vinegar and any cloths they can find (my tea-towel stocks have disappeared) They also have cleaned walls, kitchen cupboards and the front door. James attempted to clean Granny Cat, but she was most unimpressed and beat a hasty retreat. It took Pebbles a few seconds longer to realise that she was next in line. Thankfully the chickens are out of bounds…
But, despite the house smelling like a chip-shop, I’m starting to see little cleaned patches here and there; the cupboard doors are sparkling, and the windows are clean from the bottom to about four feet high. I have to say I’m impressed. Sadly, I don’t think the cleaning gene comes from my side though. Nonetheless, should times get hard, at least I have the option of hiring them out as child labour…