I Wrote A Post But…

… it was all a bit ponderous, and I want to have a think before I post it.

So, instead, some photos from our week, starting with A Cake:


I made double the fairycake recipe here, made one tray of vanilla, plain fairycakes; filled a round 23cm cake tin with more plain vanilla mix and then added in some cocoa powder into the remainder of the mix, and made a second tray of chocolate fairycakes: to please everyone!


When the cake was baked, and hot, I stabbed the top of the cake a few times with a stick of spagetti, spread three tablespoons of lemon curd on top, allowing it to soak into the cake, and then, when it was cold, sliced up peaches (from a tin) and spread them on top. To finish, I grated some chocolate. It was as golden-delicious as the days we have had this week…


Thank you for all the well-wishes for our little cutie-pie, he is *perfect*, his tongue bearing only a thin mark. I’m still saying prayers of thanks it wasn’t more serious…


It has been busy, busy, busy here… a constant hum of doing:


They had all gone out to the trampoline for a bounce, baby was having a snooze and I just sat amongst the debris, demolishing a slice of cake and a cup of tea, thinking “I am Blessed!”

Grace is drawing constantly… we are all getting several love letters a day, many intricately wrapped and tied with string!



This picture shows two fairy princesses (note the crowns) The one on the right, with the speech bubble, is saying “I would really love to eat an acorn!” !!:



My doll making basket… I have been making heads and stuffing bodies today (sounds dodgy)… I’m hoping for some time later to do the finishing hand-sewing:



A Handmade Baby… this is an eight inch Baby, I’m working on a 12 inch prototype 🙂 It is very exciting to see them all coming to “life” !