New Prints Unveiled!

These have been a long time coming… I had problems getting the photographs right, and put it on the long finger; and then tried to do some post-photographic, pre-printing rescue job (the colours were all over the place), and put it back on the long finger… In short, these took a while! But thanks to my wonderful father (photographs), my incredibly patient sister, Blaithin, (print and tweaking and counselling service) and all at Data Print, these arrived for me today. Yay!!

I took quick pictures with the iPad, hence they are nowhere near as vibrant as in person, but it will give you an idea for the purposes of this blogpost. I will do a better job later when I am listing them in my Etsy shop…! (the “real” computer has been commandeered by my children and I doubt I will get near it for a while yet…)

(Oh, and the little rainbows that appeared when I was cropping them… They are from our crystal hanging in the window. When the sun shines the room is sprinkled with little rainbows… They can be my trademark for today 🙂 )

Each print is printed on beautiful linen card, are of a limited print run and will be personalised with name, date, and birth weight. I am so pleased with these!!

Blue Tit, or as the Americans say: Chickadee! (I think I prefer that name…)


Chaffinch 1:


Chaffinch 2:


Swans: (I was thinking of these as a wedding gift idea)


For the one you love 🙂 :