Fairy Princess Flower Crown Tutorial

We have, as well you know, a fairy princes in our house. Last night after I read a few stories, said our few prayers and was giving a good night snuggle (which includes a back scratch, side scratch, calf and ankle (!) scratch) we were chatting about being a princess and a fairy and how she really needed another crown (it has disappeared and James has been blamed for binning it… along with one of his shoes, several fridge magnets, many socks and a Nintendo game)

So I said I would make one.

Which I was reminded of first thing, along the lines of “good morning! Are you going to start making my crown now?!”

So I did (after breakfast and the other million things that need doing)


This is a simple, easy and very pretty crown for any aspiring, or indeed, any actual fairy princesses that may reside in your home.

You will need some wire: I used some Jewelry wire; a hair slide/comb, ribbon and flowers (and possibly a dot of glue)



Grace chose the colours (surprisingly ((not)) she chose pink and cream). I measured the wire around her crown, wound it three times to give it a bit of bulk, then wrapped the comb to the circle of wire using a single piece of wire:


Then I started adding the flowers… This could be easy adapted to use all sorts of things: beads, felted balls, homemade paper flowers, pompoms… Today we decided to stick with just flowers:



My flowers have a length of wire on each of them so I just wrapped that around the wire ring, fitting in the flowers as I went along. This took only a few minutes.


When I was happy with the arrangement, I took some thin ribbon and began wrapping around the flowers and the wire: to wrap down any loose ends and to make it all much neater (and to avoid any sharp wire ends scraping small heads)




And there it is! All you need to add is a fairy princess!