Yarn Along

Ok. So this is where my crochet-head is at:

1. The Beret. Ah yes. It is finished, but needs to be ripped back and re-done. But (said in a bold-child-voice:) I don’t want to! And, it is lost. Still. (An outer sign of my inner crochet-turmoil)

2. The Bunny. Also gone the way of the beret. i.e. lost. Well, more than likely in some elaborate doll-game in some little girls doll-house. When I have the time and energy, I will excavate and find it. It is finished though, and I have started another, which is going very slowly as I’m trying to work out how I made it initially, and to jot down the pattern so you can try them (very cute, very simple and very quick)

3. The crochet necklace. I have been thinking about these for a while. And when a friend and I decided to do a craft swop, I thought this would be perfect (and easy to post too)

It needs to be blocked and for a (beautiful, vintage) button to be sewn on the back as a closure. It is made with beautiful variegated yarn- looks like wool, but isn’t (and more importantly doesn’t feel like scratchy wool)

I am reading several books, two of them are: “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari” (Robin Sharma) ~ It isn’t beautifully written, but I am hoping the message will be as “extraordinary” as the cover promises!!

“A Garlic Testament” (Stanley Crawford) ~ I’ve only started and it is really interesting so far, and satisfies the Spring-Garden energy in our house.

So what is everyone else crafting/reading? Hop along to Ginny and Yarn Along to check it out!