Mother Mine

With every day that I mother, I give great thanks for my mother, it is indeed one of the greatest blessings that I feel I have been bestowed with in this life.

(A painting I am working on- using a photo my dad took of my mother from the ’70’s)

Any time I have ever looked at my children and thought “whew. I seem to be doing it “right” “, I thank my mother. I could not have wished for a more wonderful, inspiring, loving mother.

So today, it being Mothering Sunday, I have penned a verse to torture celebrate my mother.

(♥♥I love you my dearest mother with all my heart xoxoxo♥♥)

Mother Mine

You blessed me;

With joy, love and endless inspiration,

As I mother mine.

And on this early morning

As tiny filaments of silver

finger through the heavy curtains,

A nursing baby on my breast

Easing back into blissful sleep:

I give thanks

And think of you.

I bless you.

With a sparkling spectrum of grateful thanks and endless joy,

My mother mine.