Rare Delicacy

It is wet. Very, very damp, miserable weather. When baby went to bed today I had great plans to be highly industrious, but then got side-tracked and made fairycakes and tea.

As soon as I started to make another decorative journal (trying to get make some bits and pieces for my Etsy shop) with some of the recently acquired lace and buttons,

I heard the familiar shout. Silence. Another shout. Silence. Waiting to be “rescued”- there is always a stampede when he wakes; a very warm, fuzzy baby is a rare delicacy indeed πŸ™‚

(This cardigan is on loan; made by Ann, with truly vintage buttons: they were buttons from Pats’ cardigan (Pat-the-Bat-man) when he was a baby. Like all handknits, it is warm, practical, and wears so well)

We spend a lot of time looking out waiting for a dry spell to wrap baby up in the sling and go for a walk arond the garden.

Today we got a lovely hour of looking at the hens and delighting in the signs of new growth in the garden: our first raspberry leaves in the polytunnel, and the willows, beautiful in their vibrant bare-leaved yellows, reds, purples and oranges are showing signs of tiny buds.

That makes me so happy (I’m easily pleased!)