Creative Growth

There is great creative growth going on in the house,

(I won’t even go into the physical growth- my eldest son who now towers over me now has a shoe size 4 sizes bigger than mine),

a friend of mine, Cait, very kindly gave me a loan of her embellisher,

This is like a sewing machine, but with 4 needle felting needles- the possibilities are endless- my mind had spun out of control at the thought of wall hangings, quilts etc etc etc!! Anyway, I hadn’t had a chance to use it much, so at the weekend, before I return it, I had great fun experimenting while Fergal plied me with tea and cuddled the baby. I made several test pieces, and felted onto silk to creat flat, textured pieces I can use in different craft projects.

From this (various wool and silk fibres):

to this…

I have a whole silk sheet of “test pieces” which I can see being used as embellishments on all sorts, turned into brooches, button backs, oh, possibilities!!

Who couldn’t fail to be inspired by a basket of bits?!:

I also wrapped some presents for sending (at long last)

almost have two decorated journals ready for my Etsy shop,

almost my new painting blog ready to “go”,

and three paintings being added to daily! (this is how I work: I inch away at things, a few minutes here, a few minutes there. It’s a great method really- the creating equivalent of slow cooking. You get tons done, with plenty of thinking time inbetween)

Hopefully will see you tomorrow for Yarn Along…