Almost a Week

Almost a week later… ahhh, where does the time go? (although, when there is a very soft round baby to squeeze, many hours pass happily) A couple of photos of last Sunday… I only took the food one (naturally!!)

Our church has some beautiful Harry Clarke Stained glass windows- this photo really doesn’t do it justice. I think, to be accurate, this came from the Harry Clarke Studios, rather than made solely by Harry Clarke himself  (But we do have one of those in another church locally) I love Harry Clarkes work- I saw them first, years ago, in the Hugh Lane Gallery with my future husband by my side 🙂 The colour is extraordinary, and the detail!! There is a fantastic book “Strangest Genius” which is the most comprehensive collection of his work and life.

The food, or should I say: just the desserts… (one of my sisters made the cupcakes, and my mother the apple tarts):

The sponge cake was the “Fat-less” sponge, filled with peaches and cream, the chocolate cake was “the Perfect Chocolate Cake” decorated with chocolate fingers,

I also made an ice bowl- I have wanted to make one of these since I was twelve, after reading Darina Allens “Simple Delicious” book. I completely forgot about it though, and had to resusitate it after it practically melted into the table (ooops!!!!!)

And then there was the chocolate biscuit cake…

Ohhhh. The chocolate biscuit cake. I’ll have to make another very soon to make sure it was as scrumptous as I thought…

Our cutie, late, very, very late that night, still bright eyed and bouncing. His mother, I can assure you, was not bright eyed and bouncing though…

On other matters;

I am in the process of making a Painting Blog, where I can indulge my abstract thinking, post photos of paintings and discuss such related things (I might even torture you with a poem or two) (I’ll do my best to make sure it is angst-filled)

I’ll keep the crochet, food and kiddies over here (Whew, I hear you gasp)