Craft♥Advent, Day 18: Embellished Towel & Face-cloth Set

Who doesn’t love soft, fluffy towels? This is a lovely gift idea for someone you know who deserves a treat! 

What you need is: soft towel (and I also decorated some matching face-cloths too, shown at the end of the post),

ribbon, contrasting yarn/embroidery floss, three circles of fabric (I used a deep maroon, smaller circle of cream and a smaller floral one on top of another) and a big red button with a cream one on top:

Using the contrasting yarn, I sewed a simple running stitch through the ribbon, across one side:

I measured out where three piles of fabric circles would be equidistance to each other:

and sewed them on:

For the face-cloths (I bought a pack of three that matched the towel in fluffiness and colour!),

I did a pretty similar embellishment, using the same pile of circles and buttons:

I added a loop of ribbon to hang them by the sink:

And there you have it: A matching towel and face-cloth set, sweet and simple!