Craft♥Advent, Day 19: Decorated Gift Box

Gosh, the 19th already…! Today I’m making/decorating giftboxes.

I am a a hoarder (“what?!”, my family and friends cry, “it cannot be true!!“) so I have all manner of lovely boxes just waiting to be made into something lovely and useful again. This box was a box of aftershave that my wonderful mother (knowing my penchant for such things) saved from my (delightfully-smelling) brothers’ bins.

I covered it in old vintage book-pages, covering any sign of its former life (note the bottom outside half had lovely deep green sides unblemished by logos, so I left that unpapered in contrast)

Then I started adding papers, laces, old maps, buttons and ephemera on top; here is a series of photographs I took as I made the decorative top:

Before I added the buttons, butterfly anything else 3-D, I covered the whole thing with PVA/mod podge to seal it all (this also makes to “sit” down together.

I scripted “Keepsake Box” on the coffee-stained card and it’s ready for gifting!