Craft♥Advent, Day 17: Granny-chic Frame

(This is for Gail 😉  !!! ) 

Another frame idea: a bit of a mad idea, but I have to say I love the eccentric look of it!!

Start with a plain frame (if not white, paint it first). You need glue, ribbons, lace, buttons and some decorative paper flowers. I decided on a faded-vintage-y look and dyed some lace in tea to give them an “old” appearance.

Decide on your arrangement and then glue down (I think I need to make little Youtube videos for these, a picture saying a thousand words etc etc)

I then put one of my mixed media collages into the frame…

but a much simpler photo with a plain mount would be just lovely, (and would tone down the eccentricities of this a lot) (!)