Craft♥Advent, Day 9: Yarn Wrapped Pens

These are easy to make and a great gift idea!

Included in a stationery set (decorated journal tutorial is on its way!) or by themselves, maybe a bunch wrapped together with string or ribbon. How about in long cellophane bags like this? Aren’t they cute??

What you need:

I bought these lovely simple pens in a 2-euro shop (8 for €2!), any should do though; narrowdouble sided tape, yarn (Variegated yarns tend to work best!), buttons, super glue

What you do:

With narrow double sided tape, I covered them along one side, over the top and down the other side; then again on the uncovered sides. Once you take off the protective sheet, they will be really sticky so be prepared.

Taking your yarn, very carefully and neatly start to wrap, leaving a little “tail”, all the way to the end where you leave another little tail  (2 inches or so) of yarn.

Then thread a darning needle with the yarn, thread it through some buttons, pull tightly so the buttons are sitting against the end of the pen, securing the extra yarn with fast dry super-glue.

Tidy up the tail at the nib by securing the yarn with glue and cutting off any excess.

Also a narrow stick could be covered like this (shown here) to make a bespoke wand for and fairy or wizard in your life!!