Craft♥Advent, Day 10: Decorated Journal

I love making decorated journals… you can indulge all your whimsical, girly (or other!) fancies into something that is practical and beautiful.

I start with my box of old books, ribbons, lace, buttons and glue. I cover the journal, in this case with plain paper.

I then try a few different ideas:

Everything is glued down:

The back is also decorated: I glue down some labels I had printed with our ‘The Nest’ name:

I covered these, glued on some small paper hearts then painted over the whole lot:

This was covered in fabric, and then decorated like above:

When the front is done, I tidy up the inside cover with a sheet of paper or the first page of the journal (sometimes the first page is suitable to paste down and this makes a lovely, neat finish)

If you can bear to give these away, you can be sure they will be gladly and joyfully received!