Yarn Along: Shawl & Slippers

Joining Ginny for Yarn Along (at last… I have the best of plans every week, and then I realise that it’s Thursday… or Friday… or the following Monday 🙂  ! )

I’m still working away at the Baptismal Shawl- when I get time which is in short supply these day- I’m finding it slow going… And when it becomes particularly monotonous I take a break and crochet something else: like the red squares which will become slippers like these. I am formulating a pattern in my head (I need to work it out in my head first to make sense of it) and will eventually post it here soon (before the weather warms up again 😉  )

 I am reading some old Homeopathic books by Dorothy Shepherd- I’m finding them very entertaining and so full of fantastic insights and learning. I remember reading these years and years ago, when I was in my teens, and being so impressed by the case studies and this homeopaths practice in 1920’s, -’30’s and ’40’s Britain.

 Join the other Yarn Along-ers here!