Full Days

I haven’t been getting to this blog as often as I would like…

it is usually a toss-up between posting something here and nibbling and squiggling a certain little man: and I’m afraid the latter usually wins out…: why, would you look at those gorgeous chubby cheeks!!

My sister had her little baby ♥Hannah♥ last weekend, and I made my niece and Grace a little swaddled baby, from a really simple and lovely pattern from Adirondack patterns (check it out here

I have many projects on the go that I am slowly chipping away at… I designed eighteen cards which have now gone to print (thank you Data Print!), am making decorated boxes, wrapped pens and felted soaps for the Ballinasloe Craft Fair next weekend.

In the middle of all this I am making these crochet slippers for my small ones: I am considering writing a pattern (not my forte by any stretch of the imagination, my sister got all the pattern-writing-genes)

These look a little bonkers because the coloured yarn I used wasn’t the best for the job; but my little boy loves them, and they are just so simple to make, and warm and cosy for running around the house…

It really does feel like winter is settling in when the stove is lit every day and the slippers make an appearance!!