4 Days Later

This week has just slipped through my fingers, hence the post-craft fair posting 4 days later…

Firstly: it went really well!! I had my boxed notecards and felted soaps. The felted soaps sold out (yay!) and I sold several boxes of notecards (hurray and yay!) I made little boxes for the notecards from a template I drew up. I made little art pieces for the top and a linen string tie around it. They were very cute.

I have yet to upload these onto Etsy: but I will. Today (mental note)

I’m not sure whether I will continue making boxes for them, or whether I will buy some (sturdier, pre-made) boxes. I’m swinging between liking making the box from scratch and weighing up the time involved…

These photos are all from the day before as I (and my little helpers) did the last minute preparations (I decorated more boxes and they crafted practically on top of me!! There’s no such thing as personal space in our house 🙂  )

I forgot to take photos of the fair itself (a complete “duh…” moment…) but Susan who shared a table with me, did, and when she emails me photos I’ll post them here.

Thinking of Harmony, and have a candle lighting for her: she is in labour as I type, so all the best wishes are floating across the ocean to her today!