The Weekend So Far

A weekend so far that started with a parcel of surprises…:

Gail from Shedding the Wolf, who claims to be non-crafty, but I don’t believe a word of it… I received this as part of a Pay It Forward giveaway;

(Gail was the recipient of my OWOH giveaway, and I have been following her wonderful blog since)

But, back to non-craftiness… let me just say that  I will not be cleaning my dishes with this beautifully made dishcloth, oh no, this is far too lovely to mop up the encrusted porridge pot that lives in my sink, it will be draped artfully over my “Housekeepers Box” (yes, I actually have one. That I really do use, and even the colour is perfect!)

(That is if I can keep it away from our smallest who has continued to rob it from me, even after I have robbed it back: “Why id you taken my babies blanket, mama, my babies id cold you know” Guilt. It gets you every time) 

And I also received this is the hand-beaded spoon- to feature in all my food photos!- isn’t this really beautiful?

Thank you so much Gail, you are officially in my Crafty-Girl Club!!

And so after such a great start, the day continued to be sparkling. We went for a walk to the river, and had the first paddle of the year (some of us,that is; some of us wilted at the sight of the freezing water and made excuses to go and photograph lichens on the bridge)

We walked home as the sun was setting across the fields

(this is the old stile that brought you to the water well a hundred years ago)

Today dawned, not quite as warm, but a sunny day nonetheless, perfect for spending in the garden. Peas, beans, spring onions and tomatoes all went into the ground today, and Fergal made a bunker for the boys (and girl), then built a willow frame over to give it coverage. It should be a leafy hideaway come the summer!

The ramp is for the Wee One to get in safely, and doubles up as a seat. And talking of Wee Ones/ Dishcloth Robbers: she went on a wander around the garden with Muttley today, and came back to me, in a state of angst.

“I’m a fay-wee, and I lost my wand, so now I can’t fly! And Muttley lost his wings, so now he can’t turn into a ladybird, so he’ll just have to be a fly. Oh dear, what will we do?!”

How do you respond to such a crises? Especially when they are both cheekily grinning up at you:

Imagine the excitement then, when a ladybird was found a short while after (and necessitated an anxious check to make sure that Muttley hadn’t indeed found his wings after all!!)